Thursday, 15 July 2010


Two of the trilogy of the cycling blogs recently posted about the quality of their respective cycling infrastructure. Copenhagenize blogged about a lane in Lyngby in Denmark. It is off road as you would expect and does not appear to end abruptly at a junction.

David Hembrow, who lives in Utopia, was not quite so gushing and notes that a number of junctions even in Denmark force cyclists to come into conflict with cars.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe:

The only proper bike lane in the entire city comes to an abrupt end. Who has right of way if the bike is going straight on but the car is turning left?

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  1. A good question, but I believe, because the bike lane ends before the intersection, the bike would need to give way... in fact, once the lane ends, the bike would not be allowed to travel past (or overtake as it were) a vehicle showing their left indicator to the left of that vehicle or they would be committing an offense.

    Good blog.