Sunday, 28 November 2010

A 10 minute how-to

David Hembrow has a large collection of videos on his blog many of which were made by Mark Wagenbuur.Anybody familiar with sites like Copenhagenize and Amsterdamize would be familiar with David's site. I had to embed this video on to my blog though if for no other reason than I can watch it each time I log in.

It shows an unbroken 10 minutes of Dutch cycling infrastructure. Along the way, it answers various objections to separated infrastructure. The part when he passes the bus twice is particularly good.

Watching the whole thing shows why the Dutch have such a high bicycle modal share among all ages. In my mind, there is really no other way to achieve it.

Compare the video with, for example, Portrush Road between the Magill and Payneham Road intersections. The narrow painted bike lane disappears regularly when the road narrows a little and at any time other than for about two hours each day, cyclists have to get around parked cars. It is little wonder that you almost never see a cyclist on it. Given that it is a designated heavy freight route with a speed limit of 60 km/h, you really have to wonder why they bothered.

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