Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Trains again

If you are a railway tragic like me, this type of video is always welcome:

It is on the Department of Infrastructure website and shows a video of the new trains the Government is buying for the railway network once it is electrified. The inside of the trains are, as you would expect, light and open and have generous space for wheelchair users and prams and things.

Not much bike space though. It is of course a concept video but you would hope that would be rectified.

Copenhagenize posted a short piece about a competition that was run by the operators of the S-trains in Copenhagen. People were invited to submit ideas on how the train service could be improved. Four people separately made the winning suggestion which was to put bike pumps on the trains. DSB is also increasing the space available for bicycles and since last January, bikes travel free.

I hope these and other ideas are considered in time for the release of the new trains. In addition, in my fantasy world, we would also see generous undercover bike parking at stations and a network of safe paths leading up to the stations.

Hope springs eternal.

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