Sunday, 28 August 2011

A great public service

It is that time of the year again. On my route home from work last year, I was swooped a couple of times by a killer magpie. It was horrible. No matter how much waving and shouting you do, they keep coming back. It started with just swooping (which is bad enough) but over time, it started pecking.

I took a large detour to avoid it.

Just the other day it was back which means a few months of avoiding that corner.

Gus at Adelaide Cyclists has put together a map of killer magpies as a public service. He already has getting on for 2000 members compared to the 4 people who occasionally chance upon this blog by accident so lots of people know about it already. Nevertheless, if you do not, I would encourage you to check the map before you take a trip and add to it if you are attacked. Other people will be grateful.

View 2011 Magpie attack map in a larger map

As you can see, they're everywhere.

One suggested solution is to lose the helmet for that stretch of road:


  1. Excellent! Another excuse to give the police when they pull me over (with siren blaring) for not wearing a least during the magpie breeding season, which I believe runs for about four months of the year(?)

  2. Thanks! It's now in it's third year and I think this has been the biggest number and earliest starting of the three.

    It is actually a national map so if anyone wants to push it in their neck of the woods just embed the bit of Australia you want and invite submissions.