Sunday, 29 January 2012

New bike shops

Where there used to be one, there are now at least four bike shops within a stone's throw of each other in Adelaide's east end. Super Elliots have been there for ages but there is now megabike right opposite, Treadly Bike Shop around the corner on Ebeneezer Place and a block away on Grenfell Street is Pedal and Thread which sells the magnificent Pashley Guvnor.Not far away on Pulteney Street is the Classic Bicycle Shop.

It means we have a great choice of bikes for those who do not necessarily want to go road racing. I love going into those shops and others and changing my mind each week about what my next bike will be.

One bike I'm still really keen on is the Vanmoof. It's a not very Dutch looking Dutch bike. As I understand it, the designers want to take the best bits of Dutch bikes, get rid of anything that is unnecessary and make a bike that suits any city on the planet. The result, I think, is kind of cool.

Anyhow, this is a great short video about their philosophy:

Instead of a Vanmoof, this bike was recommended to me recently. You will agree it is a thing of beauty but at $5k, it's not cheap. Cheaper than most second hand Commodores but I can't afford one of them either at the moment. Still, the sun is shining and we're not living in a Stalinist dictatorship. It's not all bad.

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