Friday, 30 March 2012

Ride to School Day

It was Ride to School Day again recently. I had no idea until my children came home with a certificate from the police certifying that they had walked at least some of the 400 metres to school that morning.

Ride to School Day happens every year but I don't really know why. All the school children know about it so there is not really any more awareness to raise.

On the morning of Ride to School Day you'll see children at the gate with clipboard (and probably fluoro jackets) checking children as they arrive to ensure that they walked or rode at least some of the way to school.

The next day, we're all back in our cars blocking the roads and little ramps where children cross the road on the way to school.

There is a video that has been doing the bike blog rounds lately. It shows that if you're going to do Ride to School or Ride to Work Day, then do it properly. The text at the end says, "If this is what riding a bike is like, why do we sit in traffic jams?"

Now that's more like it.

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