Saturday, 19 May 2012

I love the Internet

It wasn't that long ago when there was no such thing as Facebook, blogs, email and all of the other distractions that we can use to avoid doing productive things. Like most of the population, I cannot leave the house without my iPhone. In fact, it's with me pretty much every waking hour - that's the reason why pyjamas with pockets were invented.

The internet is a great place for reading stuff that like-minded people have written and for you to blow of steam and try and articulate your thoughts for others to read if they choose to.

Among the million and one cool uses of the internet, one of my favourites is websites like Pozible and Kickstarter that can be used to raise money for clever new inventions and projects. I've seen three particularly good ones lately.

The first is the Blink Steady bike light. It turns on and off automatically when you start and stop and you don't need to worry about unclipping it and taking it with you because it is practically theft proof. It is fastened securely to your seat post:
The inventers have already raised way beyond what they needed to get it onto the market.

The second is a cool-looking helmet with built-in lights. If you are forced to wear a helmet, as we are in Australia, you may as well wear something decent. They too have raised enough to get it on to the market:  

The final project is a book by the author of one of my favourite websites, Cycle-Space. Rather than focussing on bike infrastructure by itself, Steven Fleming's (who is a Professor) integrates architecture, design and urban planning around the bicycle - because it is so plainly the transport medium of the future:

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  1. Thanks Edward. Does the phone in your pyjama pocket vibrate each time I ad a new post to cycle-space? :)
    Thanks for the plug!