Monday, 25 June 2012

Look Before Opening

We all know about the door zone and how hazardous it can be. A couple of brainiacs have come up with a bit of solution until proper bike lanes are installed. The team of web developers at twenty4 have come up with a cool sticker idea. The project is called Look Before Opening. Check out the website and you can order free stickers that can be used to remind drivers to check the door zone before flinging their door open.

Next time you get knocked off your bike, assuming you're not crushed by a cement mixer, you can hand out one of your free stickers to the motorist concerned to stick on the inside of their window. They'll send you up to 50 stickers free of charge. If you want more than that, just ask. Crazy eh?

I was wondering how they do it and even offered to donate some money on PayPal. They're close to securing a sponsor so order now.

Here's the video:

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