Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Book Review

About a year ago, I received a friendly comment on my blog asking if I would care to write a review of WheretoRide Adelaide by Gerri Nelligan:

It is published by the same people who publish Bicycling Australia and Mountain Biking Australia.

The book is divided 5 areas (Adelaide metro, Adelaide Hills, Barossa & Clare Valley, the Fleurieu Peninsula and then the TDU routes) and contains detailed bike routes in each, including maps, a 'ride log' with directions and even an altitude indicator. Some routes are completely off-road, some on-road and many contain a mixture so there is something for everyone.

Each of the routes is described in great detail. The ride logs provide easy to follow directions and each chapter also provides a short description of the ride and the sorts of things you will see en route. You would be hard pressed to get lost.

As with many recreational rides, many people will need a car and bike rack to get to the beginning of them. The rides close to the city are exceptions but even then, if you are not in a neighbouring suburb, it is unlikely you will make the trek across town with a young family in tow. That is nothing unusual. Most families with bikes generally have some sort of rack to carry them. An exception is the two routes along Little Para River that start at Salisbury Railway Station. They can be reached by taking your bike on the train.

The book was last published in 2008. There have been a couple of small changes to some routes, such as the addition of the Mike Turtur Bikeway alongside the Glenelg tramway but the book is clearly still well up to date.

For family ride ideas or for those who fancy a leisurely weekend ride, I would recommend this book. Plainly a lot of work has gone into it. There are copies available on the counter at JT Cycles on Pulteney Street, Bicycle Express on Halifax Street and others. Certainly worth the $30 asking price.

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