Tuesday, 19 March 2013

There are d**kheads everywhere

This is one of a collection of Danish handlebar videos on Cyclodeo:

Within 10 seconds of starting, you see one selfish geezer who has (illegally) plonked his crappy Volkswagen Caddy on the pavement and bike lane. Then to top it off, without bothering to look, he whacks his door open into the path of the oncoming cyclist.

It just goes to show.

Still, the rest of the video shows pretty well the Danish way of keeping cars and bikes separate - a method we could adopt without too much fuss at all.

You then compare it to the Dutch though and you see just how well they do it. The video is from a small town called Harderwijk (population 47,000 - about twice that of Mount Gambier. It's about 10km across so twice the size. Just saying).

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