Monday, 1 March 2010

Power to the people

I went to see Group F performing a pyrotechnics display as part of the Adelaide Festival of Arts on Saturday. It was just brilliant - stylish and very French.

A great thing happened straight afterwards. The show was held in Queen Victoria Park near the race course. Thousands of people turned up because the concert was free. Afterwards they all just took over Greenhill Road. Traffic was at a total standstill while pedestrian just reclaimed the road. It was fabulous to see. There also a lot of families leaving on bikes. One image that sticks in my mind was of one poor young woman surrounded by a sea of people and just unable to move, stuck there with her big car. Why she didn't just turn off the engine and wait fr the crowds to die down I do not understand but I suppose it's her petrol and she's paying for it. Seeing her stuck there unable to get away really brought home to me the futility of making ourselves so car dependent. They do not offer any freedom anymore. They are just a drain on our wallets.

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