Thursday, 25 March 2010

Cycling safety

This picture is doing the email rounds at the moment. It was apparently taken by Transport SA last month at the corner of Trimmer Parade and Frederick Road in Seaton.

The wood was about 2 metres out of the left hand side and about three out of the right. The beams in the front window went across the driver's chest and he could only get one hand on the wheel.

The cyclist coming in the opposite direction should be thankful he is on a four rather than two-lane road.


  1. Hi Edward, You post came up in my cycling in Adelaide search. I linked your post on Adelaide Cyclists. You will be sure to get lots of comments on there.

    Have you seen the site? I am admin for it. It is a social network of cyclists of all kinds in Adelaide - many are passionate about better cycling and sharing the road in Adelaide. Reading some of your past posts you would have a very common interest. We'd love to see you join and share your ideas. You can link your blog over to it as well or just cross post.


  2. Thanks Angus and thanks for the post. I will certainly check your website and cross post.