Saturday, 13 October 2012

My wife is seriously hot

My wife has been shopping again but this time at Cue. She bought two dresses this time.

The first is a very cute peach coloured dress. This is the front:

and this is the back:

There is no link to it because it was already on sale when she bought it. You'd probably have difficulty finding one now.

The next one is very different but just as cute on her:

They call it a Lace Design Jacquard Dress. The link will probably work only as long as the dress is available. At the time of writing, it was already on sale.

As with the other frocks, these would look fantastic if she wore them on a bicycle. As we all know though, looking good is fine but if riding a bike is horrible why would you bother? I imagine a frock like one of these loses its lustre if you wear it while riding on one of Adelaide's busy roads. Also, riding around wearing anything is a crime if you don't wear a plastic lid even though nobody gets to see my wife's golden locks flowing in the wind.

So Taylor Swift, for example, would be breaking the law if she came to Australia and behaved in the same way she did recently in Paris.

Nudity is ok of course as long as you wear your helmet.

All it means is that nobody gets to share in my better half's loveliness.


Your loss.

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