Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Bad manners

I was waiting to turn left this morning from War Memorial Drive on to Frome Road before going over the bridge, past the zoo and then on to Adelaide CBD's only proper bike lane. In front of me was a driver in a gold coloured Mazda 3. I felt her pain because she had been sitting there a fair while and there was just no break in the traffic. I don't think my bright light flashing in her back window helped either.

Sometimes you can nip through on the left and join the traffic on Frome Road but it is a gamble because almost every second driver cuts the corner and drives right through the bike lane even though it is painted bright green.

Eventually there was a small gap which the Mazda 3 driver took. The next car was a big red Land Cruiser. From where I was waiting it looked as if Mazda 3 had misjudged the distance just a tad and the Land Cruiser driver, horror of horrors, had to take his foot off the accelerator. He didn't have to hit the brakes. You could tell because his brake lights did not come on once he passed the intersection.

Instead of carrying on as normal though, this fat slob tailgated Mazda 3 as far as he could and beeped his horn until he was right over the bridge. I could help thinking that if he had thought for just a millisecond he may have realised that (a) Mazda 3 didn't do it on purpose, (2) he only had to take his foot off the accelerator (hardly taxing) and (3) Mazda 3 may have been waiting there for a long time.

It confirmed by strongly held belief that only professional driving instructors should be allowed to teach people to drive. Land Cruiser slob is currently permitted to as an instructor to a learner driver and teach them all of his bad habits and bad manners. A terrible thought.

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