Sunday, 19 September 2010

A terribly sexist blog post

A good friend of mine has gone on a trip to Europe to find himself. He is young and a bit silly and claims he has gone there in search of the biggest hangover known to man. In fact, judging by his emails, he is learning about art, culture and European history.

The latest city he visited was Amsterdam. I heard a lot about the Van Gogh museum, canals and Irish tourists he met. He also had what sounded like a good time at a "coffee shop". The magic mushrooms he sampled certainly had an effect on him.

I suggested that if he was in one of the world's premier cycling cities he might wish to hire a decent Dutch bike and sample the sights that way. He wrote back and said (and I apologise in advance for the language):

Dude, Dutch women are hot! And they all have tight ar--s because of the cycling.

You can imagine my dismay. There I am publishing blog posts left, right and centre, trying to convince people of the benefits of encouraging a proper cycling culture and he comes along and does it in a single sentence.

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  1. Sometimes you've just got to let a little bit of you go and agree, but perhaps using a better choice of words!