Monday, 13 September 2010

How to design a junction

A common complaint from cyclists in Adelaide is that the few bike lanes that exist (and I use the term "bike lane" in a broad sense to include the joke bike lanes we have that are in fact just white lines in gutters) just disappear when the road narrows or you approach a junction. It is at junctions where they are needed the most. Not just lanes are needed at junctions but a proper design that makes it clear when cyclists can go. It also needs to be a design that so far as is possible removes conflict.

Mark Wagenbuur has produced a whole bunch of videos about Dutch cycling infrastructure and deals also with some of the myths about it. This is his latest. It has already been posted around the place but it is so good that I wanted to post it here. Now this is how you design a junction:


  1. Edward, have just discovered your marvellous blog. A pity it happened days after I launched my own transport blog and not a year ago when I started out on it. Oh well, done now. I've linked to your site from Please reply as I'm standing for ACC elections and would like to invite you to my launch. Grant

  2. Sorry Grant. I just saw your comment. All the very best for the council elections. I also just had a look at your website. Totally agree with the message.